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What is the mission of this project?
Holy Lands of Nebraska documentary turns the filmmaking / distribution model on its ear. Most films are born like most Americans: strapped with debt. This film will start life differently. It will spring from an immaculate conception. Your donations will make this film possible. Once funded, our goal is to to make the best movie possible, with a laser focus on three points:

Maximum quality to the screen.

Maximum viewership/market penetration. Our duty is to the message!

• Use methods of creation and distribution that prevent censorship of our message.

Distribution arrangements will be weighed for exponential viewership penetration (not necessarily profit). This is about getting your VOICE OUT to the world. If we make a profit we make more Holy Lands productions.

We seek a maximum number of people seeing the film. We will use a combination of free and AVOD, SVOD, VOD and OTT platforms to get the message out and have our voice heard. Your support makes us noncancelable. Our integrity cannot be bought or sold. We "the producers" realize what's at stake. We will not be silenced.

When we know a problem exists that can hurt and permanently damage the soul and body of our brothers. If we are so blessed with the ability to see the danger where others don’t. Are we not also responsible to take action?

Film is forever. Ideas come and go but stories stay. Together we can make a change. Let’s sound the alarm and remind the lost souls that ways exist for mining real virtue. Once experienced; the fake version simply won’t do.

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Your contribution makes this happen.
The film can't be done without you.
It is you who lights the fire.

Support the urgent war between good and evil
with your financial gift.